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Use this convenient online form when you need a quote on standard or custom products, or would like to place an order. Include details such as quantity, species and OWM part number for regular products. Custom products should include quantity, species, dimensions and a photo or image. Please note: as a manufacturer, we do not keep our products “in stock.” Our lead time varies, depending on the product, species, quantity, etc.

Attachments such as images, purchase orders, worksheets, etc. can be added using the Browse buttons on the form.

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contractors, builders and distributors

As a manufacturer, we sell our products through stair contractors, builders and distributors. If you are a designer, architect, homeowner or other individual looking for stair parts, we’ll be happy to direct you to one of our customers who can best serve your needs. Please call our toll-free number or send an email to [email protected] for a referral.